Welcome to MEOP! We are high school students who come from all over the world, and we all attend high school in Berkshire County. We have come to Berkshire Community College (BCC) to improve our language and math skills, learn better study skills, and make some friends. We are also learning about what college is like and thinking about who we are and where we are going.

You can see a map of where we all come from here.

Who We Are


18 thoughts on “We Are MEOP”

  1. My name is Alex, I’m from Ecuador. I’m 16 years old, I came to the United States two and a have years ago. I go to Pittsfield high school.

  2. I am from Dominican Republic. It’s in the Caribean.It is the most beautiful country because of the people, food and everything it’s great. Some traditional food are rice, beans, and fried chicken, but my favorite is plantains (it looks like a banana). It’s a small country, but if you go there you wont regret it. It’s much different then here, kids don’t use internet or watch alot of tv because there is so much to do that they don’t even bother. Most kids play baseball and girl usually plays volleyball. It’s hot year round.

  3. Hi my name is Raghav Pathak i am 15 years old i go to Lee High School. I was born in india. It is fun being in your country i hated when i left my country behind. i got to play with my friends all ay because there was no work here i work so i dont get that much time to play with my friends me and my friends got in trouble for giving a shopkeeper fake money

  4. Im from Bogota, Colombia a beautiful city with almost five hundred years where you can enjoy almost everything you like to do. the best part of it is the kind and friendly people that make you feel welcome. its landscapes are very unique and special that you almost feel like in a paradise.

  5. My name is Konan and i come from Peru, I came here when i was 15 years old, I felt happy and sad at the time. I felt sad when I left all my family in my native country, all my friends. I felt happy because I did not come to the U.S alone, I came with my mother and my sisters, also because i was going to know new country and learn a new language and get a new education. The education in this country is different than my native country because we go to school wearing uniforms and here there is not dress code.

  6. My name is jennyfer Chacon. I am from Bogota Colombia. Bogota is a big city and it is the capital of Colombia. It looks like New York City. There are a lot of traffic and a lot of people. There are some beautiful places to visit, like museums, parks and natural areas. The food is really good.
    I came to the United States three years ago. Since then I have been trying to get used to a new culture with different people and foods.

  7. My name Cristian and im from Colombia. In Colombia we like to play soccer,when I lived in Colombia I learned how to play soccer,I like to watch and play soccer and wrestling,I spend 4 hours playing wrestling video games and soccer as well.

  8. My name is romy. I’m from el salvador; I born in san vicente a city where people are friendly and like to hang out at night and go partying and dance most of the times salsa,reggaeton and merengue. there are many beautiful places like beaches and parks. going to el salvador is living a dream.

  9. My name is Ivan Victoriano and I like to play video games,and I enjoy chilling with my homies. And when I have nothing to do I like to listen to music while Im lying down in my bed drinking some Iced tea.

  10. My name is Danny A. Esperanza. I am from El Salvador. I was born in San Vicente. When I came to the united states I was 11 years old, and I met alot of good friends from alot of other countries.

  11. My name is Doris Behanzin, im from benin but was born in ivory coast. Its been 2 years now that i live in america and as a matter of fact i really like it, im 17 years old im a student from pittsfield high school. and i try to live the best of what life offer me most of my hobby are playing soccer, dance, go shopping, study and work. And i really miss my hometown benin is the country where my story is built, its a beautiful country.

  12. Aaron and Konan… Congrats on making the Varsity team >>> hope to see you playing sometime… make foreign people proud of “our game” … good luck!

  13. Dear MEOP,
    I just want to wish you all the best on the upcoming school year, and to please stay in touch with your questions, progress, and anything else that may come up!


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