how is jose?

i was born and rised 15 years the bronx, new york city. my mother was a police officer for 10 years and was forced to retire due to mental and phyical illness.

i moved to massachusetts with my mother and brothers to have a better life and education. also my aunt lives in the berkshire. i went tohigh school at McCann tech. i studied Carpentry. i speicailized in Cabinetry.

iv been in massachussetts for 9 years, i now how hard it is to be a minortiy and trying to fit in and have people exscept you for who you are. it was hard for me but i can tell you it gets better.

went i went to BCC i picked a nother career. i choose Criminal justice. i studied for four years and i just graduated this year. BCC i never had  problem at all. i never got in introuble. people treat you with respect here in BCC no matter if their students or teachers.

and i want to extand out my hand and my views in life. i just wish i had somebody to look up to when i was younger, but im here help you grow and understand the ways and meaning of life.

your friend 

jose taveras AKA cheech


ps sorry for the bad spelling! lol


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im 24, just graduated from BCC. im a very soical person. i love meeting new and beautiful people!

4 thoughts on “how is jose?”

  1. yeah man, I’m Colombian, and … I like the way you think about getting better at certain things and succeed in life… hopefully we’ll get to know each other better and do some team work this week!

  2. Hey Jose,
    You never tell me that your mother is a retired police woman, which makes me feel so surprise to find out about it. Is it why you want to become a police officer? Because of your mother? Anyway, I am so happy that you are one of the mentors in this program. Hopefully, we will be able to hang out after we finish this program. And I am glad that you have succeed in what you want to be. I will see you soon.

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