Who is Cristhian?

Hola mi gEnTe!   >>>   I’m Cristhian, also known as “Crispidey.” I’m a college student at Berkshire Community College. I was born in Bogota, Colombia. I like to play sports (Soccer is my favorite), learn about computers, listen to music, read Spanish literature, and hang out with my friends. As many of you, I didn’t know ANY English when I came to the United States. My life in this country began when I was 14 years old. Although the first Americans I met where nice people, I wasn’t very happy… I wanted to go back to Colombia.

But, after I started taking classes at Pittsfield High School, I realized that I had come to this country to succeed, not to fail!  So I NEVER gave up!  I did my best in my classes. Also, while I took ESL classes, I met wonderful people from different cultures. I learned many things from them, and I am sure they learned from me, too!  After 10 months, I switched to Lee High School, where I did things beyond my plans… I joined the school Soccer team, I became a member of the National Honor Society, I was invited to attend meetings held by the Principal and the school committee (one of them had to do with picking the new Vice-Principal), and so on. But, perhaps, the thing I enjoyed the most was… singing in Spanish at the Talent Show and at the PROM!  I received a lot of support from my Latin friends, which gave me enough courage to step up!  Even the Americans liked it!  So, at the end, I was thrilled!!!   My high school experience in the United States was fenomenal!

Then, I joined Berkshire Community College in the fall of 2007. I am currently majoring in Business Software Systems. My goal is to earn the degree by next year, and hopefully transfer to Boston Architectural College to study Architecture. I have always been proud of my achievements, and one thing you have to know about me is that “I will NEVER be afraid to show people WHO I REALLY AM!”


7 thoughts on “Who is Cristhian?”

  1. Hi Cristhian,
    I think many of the ESL students have gone through the same ways as you did before and most of them are very proud of themselves. Even I have gone to the same ways as you are too. The only difference is that I am already done with BCC and will be continue studying in Umass Amherst. So I hope we both will have great time together in this program and be able to help all ESL students, who have join this program to be succeed.

  2. ahiii casi me pongo a chillar
    me llego al corazonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
    peace brother
    se me kuida lo quiero too much

  3. my crispyyy!!!
    i’m sorry i am not allow to speak in spanish wawawawa T.T

    well i love your storyy is really nice
    bruna says hiii!!!!

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