Who is Maya Bahl?

Maya Bahl is a First Generation Indian American, her parents were born and raised in Delhi, India.  Her and her older Brother by 22 months named Rahul, were born and raised in Massachussetts.

Her Mother’s family, whose surname is Lal, includes a Father who traveled in India as a government official, a Mother who was a beautiful and devoted house wife, an older sister who is currently living in Delhi, and a younger brother who continues on the Lal tradition of being in the government service in Bombay, India.  Maya’s Father’s family includes a Father who was also employed by the government, a Mother who was caring and devoted, a Sister who lives in Ohio, USA, a Brother who lives in Delhi, India, and a younger Brother who lives in Toronto, Canada.

Maya has attended Berkshire Community College for the past two years and hopes to continue her studies later on, which includes a career devoted to traveling the world! At BCC, Maya has found her voice with developing its annual literary magazine called ZINE as well as participating in student led organizations. On the side, she is fond of reading, walking or “exploring”, taking pictures, and recently has begun a writing hobby–poetry and prose is what you can find her write– and has built up quite the collection since!

Maya’s story has only begun so far, hoping to fill it with many memories to come!


5 thoughts on “Who is Maya Bahl?”

  1. great… so you are another “world traveler” … excellent! I hope this week we get lots of entertainment and fun!

  2. Haha..I didn’t know that Maya is one of the “traveler”..because I am one of them too. Why? Because I just came back from Hong Kong before in August 6. And I am having fun with all of my friends back there. We also might have a chance to travel together when we get older too. What do you think? Anyway. I am looking forward to have fun with you and the other mentors.

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