Who is Sonal?

I am Sonal. I came from India. I live here for 1year and 6 month now. I study at BCC. My major is in Engeneering.
In India I went to college for 1 month and then came here. It is very different here. There I studied microbiology, but here I’m studying Engineering. And the hardest part is using English, meeting people and reading text books.


5 thoughts on “Who is Sonal?”

  1. Hi Sonal! How are you? I really don’t know that you only came to this country for one year. Of course, I was in your position when I first came to this country. I won’t ever understand anything at all even though I already took one year class in middle school. My English began to be better after I went to PHS. So I think you just don’t need to think about it too much because when time goes, your English level will become better and better.

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