Know Who is Sze?

Sze was born in Hong Kong. She immigrated to the USA when she was only thirteen years old. It means that she already lived in USA for eight years. The first language that she has learned is Cantonese, but she also knows how to speak Manderine. And her favorite food is many different kind of Chinese foods. Sze usually likes to read any Chinese novel or dramas after she comes back home from school. Or she will listen to the music and goes online to chat with friends because Sze’s parents usually won’t allow her and her sisters to go out when they were little. Of course, Sze likes to dance too, but she is not a good dancer. 

Sze is also a BCC student, who just graduated in May. Her major was Liberal Art. And she is going to be a full-time student at Umass Amherst in the Fall of 2008.


5 thoughts on “Know Who is Sze?”

  1. It was nice reading your story Sze, and I find it fascinating that you are able to speak Cantonese, as well as Mandarine. I look forward to working with you this week!

  2. Yeah, you’re absolutely right… All of us should be proud of our accomplishments. Learning another language isn’t very easy. So You, me, and the rest of the ESL group are people who are meant to be successful!

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