Who is Vlad?


My name is Vlad. I came from Ukraine ten years ago. And now I live in Pittsfield.

I graduated from Herberg Middle School (in Pittsfield) and from Berkshire Country Day Secondary School (High School in Lenox)… In High School I liked to play sports. I played soccer, basketball and tennis every year.

Now, I study here at Berkshire Community College.  And this year I will graduate with an Associates in Liberal Arts, but will stay to continue my education in another field of Health Science.

I found out that BCC has a bunch interesting courses, good professors and many students with different backgrounds… I have  met many friends here.

Anyways, I like strawberry-kiwi ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s, and I like home cooked meals, and watch anime, and read everything interesting, and also sleeping, too.

I am looking forward to meeting with all of you Lee and PHS students! This week is going to be interesting and fun 🙂


9 thoughts on “Who is Vlad?”

  1. Hey Vlad!! What’s up?? I have found out another common things between us. Do you know what it is? We able have gone to Herberg Middle School, but I only go there for a few days. Hehe..Anyway, I hope we still can keep in touch even though this program has ended. And I am sure that you will have a lot of fun with the students and other mentors…especially with me..(just kidding)

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