Catheryn’s story about Matt

Matt is a dance teacher. He teaches to poor children that have a hard and very sad life. The only time they can be and feel happy is when they go to his classes. One day he decides to not just make them happy but also to all the people around the world and also with this create a peaceful world. he goes to many countries and starts to dance until he is surrounding by lot of people mostlychildren so they can get at least a very special and important moment in the lives of every single person.


5 thoughts on “Catheryn’s story about Matt”

  1. Your involvement with the MEOP program is wonderful like what Matt has done to the world–by contributing your wonderful talents in creating a wonderful network of peers! Great post and I am happy to meet and learn with you!

  2. Very good job im your paragraph. You have very good writing skills. i only saw one mistake and its a comman error that all of us make.

    just make sure that you read your stories at least twice and have one of you mentors read it as well to avoid mistakes like that!

    great job!

  3. Reminds me of the Venezuelan dude that teaches poor kids how to play in a big band and then conducts their music =]

    Very creative observation!

  4. Nice story… your thoughts are very unique. WATCH for capital letters. Other than that, you’re good to go! I like the way you have improved your English… ask for assistance whenever you need it!

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