Danny’s story AbOut matt

I think Matt is dancing everywhere in the world to make people happy and to show that everyone is different. But, if we all come together, we can bring peace and happiness to everyone and even poor kids or people we can still be happy. I think he is traveling everywhere in the world because he wants to feel what other people from different culture feel, and how they can have fun.


7 thoughts on “Danny’s story AbOut matt”

  1. I am totally agree with what Julie has said too… His story looks so touching and I can see that he really have think about it hard enough to get this answer..Congratulation,Danny. You have do a good job on it.

  2. That is wonderful how you worded that paragraph! And yes everybody thinks your a very peaceful and happy kid.

    we need more posative energy from you. Im glad your in our program, I know that you’ll make a driffernce in somebodys life someday.

  3. Definitely, a wonderful thought and a clear perspective!

    You really got inspired in this one! I enjoyed working with you today Danny!

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Danny, I really like the part that you have put about peace and happiness because there is not that much people will think about it anymore. And I am glad that you are still in this program even though you don’t understand what I am trying to say to you on the phone. Anyway, let’s have more fun during this whole week and keep doing the great job.

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