Aaron’s study skills

   I don’t get how some students say that chemistry, biology or mathematics are difficult courses. The one thing they do in school is just teaching you then test you to see how what you remenber and how far you developed that knowledge. I dont think you even have to understand what the teachers say ( by that i mean understand in a way that you will automaticly know what it is use for. Lets take the example of a calculator. You know how to use it, but do you know what kind of calculation the calculator does, that is what i meant by  understanding. You know how to use a caculator that is enough to pass a class). In class you have to remenber what and how to use that knowlegde that the teacher just gave you.

Now what i use to do when i learn something; i just dont stick to the basic understanding like know how to use a calculator i tried to know what happen next (exatly what kind of calculation the calculator do).

Last year i had trigonometric. I actually slept in class. It wasnt a difficult class, so i never really worried about what the teacher was saying. And you prtobably wonder how i passed it . Well when i knew when there will be a quizze, i just take my book home the night before and then go over what we did. i just read  the examples and do some practice on the problems, then everything become clear to me. i never failed by the way and since i started the method i never had less than 85 in my quizzes and tests. Thats why i want to use that and become a mentor in school.


3 thoughts on “Aaron’s study skills”

  1. That is the true mark of a student–wanting to go beyond the material in learning! Great post Aaron, and am having a wonderful time learning from you!

  2. Very good reasoning and examples to support your point. I’m amazed that from a few sentances, you have developed such a complete story. Keep up good job!

  3. Aaron… I was amazed today seeing you solve those Algebraic equations so fast. And this post makes a connection to that as well. You are a smart guy, and I hope you never give it up. So, keep on going to reach success. Like you said at the beginning, things are not difficult… and I strongly agree!!!

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