catheryn’s memories

My own story is full of good experiences and dreams, but it also carries hard situations and hard decisions.  My  name is Catheryn Chacon Ortega. I was born in Bogota, Colombia a beautiful country located in South America. I lived there for my first fifteen years, having good as well as bad moments but knowing my own place and my own environment; then after that my life changed totally.

I was a freshmen student back in Colombia when my dad first decided to come alone to the United States an the reason why he wanted to come here was that he and my mom wanted to reach their most important goal: a much better future for us and to have the opportunities that they were not able to find. My mom, my sister and I stayed without my dad for almost six months, then he came back for my Quinceañera party and we decided that if we all get the visa we all were going to live in the US. We went to the appointment in the US embassy and they gave it to us, then we travel there and we started a totally new life.

When we first arrive here we started to live in a very small house with no comforts at all. We lived there for a month and then we moved to an other much bigger house but it still not big enough. We arrived in the summer and my sister and I spend four months doing nothing just because we didn’t go to school and we didn’t have any friends or places to go.

On September I started to study at Lee High School and the saddest part was that they put me back two grades; so instead of doing junior year they put me in ninth grade again, it was so frustrating for me because I felt like i was losing my time.

Now after assimilating this country I feel much better and I feel more safe about my self and about this new culture that have and will give me lots of opportunities but at the same time I feel afraid of what will happen or won’t happen after a while here in a jail of freedom.


6 thoughts on “catheryn’s memories”

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  2. Thank you for sharing your stroy with us. I bet it’s was hard staying in the same grade, but theirs another good side to that. You can show your teachers and classmates that your smart.

    keep up the good work

  3. uhhhh nice story my little sistaaaa
    luv yaaaa
    me gusto el final mort
    esta re cathcy juaz juaz
    jail of freedom soo trueee

    weno nos vemos en la kasa juaz
    chocolate kisses

  4. Wow… que impacto, y que sinceridad!!! If a teacher like Mrs. Haven or Mrs. Verdi could see this, I bet that they would love your writing! There are many similarities in our stories, like being partially “alone” the first couple of months here in the US. But, here we are, facing all kinds of challenges… and I know that since you came to the US, you have started to build a path to success. So NEVER give up, and ALWAYS do the right thing! TQM Kt… ;D

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