Cristian’s life story

When I was in Colombia there was a year that I didn’t go to school, because my parents didn’t have enugh money to pay for the school.  I went to school the next year and said to my parents that i was going to be the best student and be successful. I want to be able to help people that don’t have any money  and live in the streets. I also want to help animals that are in the streets hurt,lost and need somebody to take care of them. that’s why my parents decided to come to U.S. so we can have a better future and to improve my English and then I want to be a  professional Enginner.


3 thoughts on “Cristian’s life story”

  1. “Life gives me lemons; I make lemonade.” This is first American quotation I heard when came to the United States three and a half years ago. Share with you. You are on the way to success.

  2. You have a big heart, i just wish i can meet more kids like you.

    I think should not have a price on our kids education. it should be there choice if they want to attend.

    And i now i no where you stand. never be afraid in what obstacles what life through’s you, you’ll get stronger.

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