Doris Story

      My story, a story about happiness and sadness. I am just a student, immigrant in America with my parents and siblings. We are living with the basic need of life, and I am a junior at Pittsfield high school. My parents are doing a full time job in taking care of elderly people, meanwhile my siblings are trying to find their way into college in looking for financial aids. As a result all those problem had been a big pressure on me, we never had to go through this stress before the reason why I am looking forward for  a great result, from where a better future will be built. With me becoming a lawyer, my siblings getting the work they always wished for and then taking care of our parents therefore our dreams will come true.


3 thoughts on “Doris Story”

  1. Wonderful post Doris, it is a hard but rewarding adjustment that you make in living and functioning in any new environment!

  2. Doris, have you ever tried that the harder you press a spring, the stronger it bounces back? At present you are accumulating your potential energy.

  3. I like the way that you tell it how it is. Of course there’s always going to be ups and downs but i like that you still have positive energy.

    I know someday you’ll get your wish. Just work hard, talk to the right people. You’ll get some where’s in life.

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