espy story

My name is Esperance, a senior in Pittsfield High School. I am living in America with my parents. They did bring me here for a better opportunities in life like for my education. I have to work hard in school to pursue my education and  not waste it. My parents work harder to meet my needs and those of brothers plus sisters. When I grow up, I would like to be in the business administration. My dream is to finish college, have a good career, have a big house, buy a house for my parents and finally have my own family that would love me.  I love poems and like to read quotations. One of my best is: ” Love is life. If you fear to love, you somehow fear to live. You don’t love, you don’t live.”


3 thoughts on “espy story”

  1. I like your quote. Let me share one of mine favorates with you.
    “All we are given is possibilities–to make of ourselves one thing or another.” _ Ortega Y Gasset

  2. First, great perspective in your life. You know what you want and your going for it.

    second, that poem was great. I want to emit something to you…. That poem fits me. I’m afraid to love, therefor I’m afraid to live.

    I just learned something new.

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