Ivan’s life story

I remember when I was 11 years old, back in Mexico. My mom told me that we were going to the United States. At first I felt excited, but my mom said that I had to do my best to learn English. We arrived in the United states, but I had to go to school and finish my education. At the time I was in middle school I was in 7th grade, but as soon as I got there I felt like I was in a different world because I didn’t understand the language. I could not understand the students teachers so I felt like like I was different from everyone. I didn’t wanted to be treated with racism or hatred, so I started to learn English. It wasn’t easy, but after a while I could understand almost all of the things my teachers were talking about in school. Now I’m in high school and about to go to 10 grade but I still need to learn more English.


5 thoughts on “Ivan’s life story”

  1. Good writing! Very fluent expression and clear structure. You’ve accomplished a lot, and you definitely can accomplish more!

  2. In due time, you will have mastered English and will be excelling Ivan, already you are excelling in this program!

  3. Ivan, you have done a great job of learning the English language. Keep on studying. You are doing a good job with grammar and I know it must be difficult for you. I’m really proud of you.

  4. That was great!

    Keep up the good work, beacause the more you practice the more you learn.

    Its always heard being the new kid especialy if your different, but it’ll get better.

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