Jenny’s Life

       My name is Jennyfer Chacon. I am from Bogota, Colombia. I moved to the United States when I was fourteen years old. It was really hard for me to move. I had a lot of friends, all my family was there and I lived a normal life. I miss a lot of things from my country. My family is the one that i miss more. It is hard when someone you love is sick and you cannot go there to help them. It is harder if they die.

         I know that my parents made this decision for my own good. Here I’m going to have a better future with a better education. Being in a new country brings bad and good things. One of the good things is that i get to share more time with my family. Back in Colombia I didn’t see my father at all. Here I got to know him better and share new things with him. Now he takes me where ever I want to go and we have a lot of fun together. My family is really important to me because they demonstrate how much they love me.  One of the bad things is that I have to get used to this life. New friends, different languages, and some times there is a lot of discrimination. For me is really hard to adapt to a new environment. I am trying my best because I want to succeed and be important when I grow up.

        In my future  I would like to be an architect. First I want to study two years of interior design and  then take a career of architecture. I want to help my parents. I don’t want them to work more because they have suffer a lot for me. I want to give them back all what they gave me.


5 thoughts on “Jenny’s Life”

  1. Great post Jenny, the pressures in adapting to a new environment are there for everyone including me, but I am confident enough to know that you will and have shined in the end!

  2. Good structure. A sophisticated writing. If negative situation is inevitable, let’s face it and earn the respect we are deserved.

  3. Muy bien Jennyyyyy… me gusta tu forma de pensar, sabes? I strongly share the first paragraph of your post. Also, JULIE is totally right… sometimes we have to face difficult situations. That’s when we know what are we capable of and where we want to go in life. Keep up the good work and NEVER let those cool dreams of yours fade away! 😀

  4. Jenny your unbelievable! You write better then me. you know how to use your grammar and you can transitions your topics to your next paragraphs.

    your doing very well!

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