konan’s story (1year and 6 month in U.S)

When I first came to the U.S I was wondering if I could learn how to write and speak English. I thought that it was impossible for me. Before I went to school I started reading some English books, but reading them was hard. I got a dictionary (Spanish-English) and I started looking for words that I did not know, mostly all of them. Then I went to school and I could not understand anyone. My teacher told me “Learning a new language takes time”. I felt better. Now my goal is to learn the new language as fast as I can. Today I feel a little bit better because I can speak, understand and write English , not that good but  I can. Now my goal for my future is to finish school with good grades, go to college and become a really good doctor like my father. That will make me feel proud of myself, and also my father will be proud of me.


4 thoughts on “konan’s story (1year and 6 month in U.S)”

  1. Your English skills are amazing Konan, do keep up with having a Spanish to English dictionary near you, they are ALWAYS better in improving vocabulary! Great post!

  2. I’m very proud of you, Konan! I witnessed how you turned a blank paper into a paper full of those “impossible” English words. Now you know how much you can do, don’t you?

  3. I think that you have come a long way in a year and 6 months, your English is really good, keep up the great work

  4. That was a great piece. I’m really glad that you want to became a doctor just like your father.

    Most of our inspirations comes from our parents, and i think thats important that everybody should know.

    Keep up the good work. Before you know it you’ll be speaking three different languages!

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