Romy’s life, story and dreams

My name is Romy and I was born in El Salvador. I lived there for 13 years, and then I moved to the United States. The environment and the people changed, but my dream of being a fashion designer stays with me. I always dream about being a fashion designer,  because I love to read the fashion magazines such as “People” and “Cosmopolitan”. I love to look up the fashion sessions. I love to design clothes like jeans, dresses, shirts, and all other kinds. I want everyone to wear what I design. I wouldn’t do it for fame but just to express myself. I want people to appreciate my designs. I want to see famous people wearing my designs specially famous models modeling my designs. Also, one of my goals is to work hard and have money to help and take care of the animals that live on the streets. And yes, maybe I want fame but just to help the people that I love, because money comes from fame . And to make my dream come true, I’ll finish school leaving great memories for myself. Someday, I will be one of the greatest fashion designers!


3 thoughts on “Romy’s life, story and dreams”

  1. wow im really proude of you. Big dreams and imagination i like that. With that you’ll go far with your dreams.

    great job in writing, your doing good.

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