Who is Frank?

Francis Rodriguez was born In Pittsfield, Mass. I am a second year Bcc student now in the culinary arts program,his favorite food is fried chicken wings and french fries , I like to draw, paint, skateboard,snowboard, read, cook, and spend time with my girlfriend, I can speak a little bit of spanish


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My name is frank i am a second year student at Bcc, i like to cook, draw, paint,drive around aimlessly, play computer games, snowboard and skateboard. in my free time i like to just relax with my girlfriend who is also a mentor.

4 thoughts on “Who is Frank?”

  1. Of course, I am agree that you like to spend time with your girlfriend, Frank..because that is the reason why you are in this program..and I am glad that you have chose to stay in here. Anyway, I hope we,other mentors, and the students will have good time together..Keep in touch later.

  2. I finally found you on WordPress Frank! I am having a wonderful time with You and Emily during the program, and learning so much from both of you!

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