Aaron’s New Start

Math, biology and chemistry are not very easy subjects for most of us, but Aaron Behanzin a student from Pittsfield high has the power to break up all this stereotypes. He came from Cotonou, Benin three years ago with the only purpose of being successful in a foreign country. He lives with his parents and siblings and he says that here is a good place to live but he doesn’t really like winter because of the snow and because it is very cold. He enjoys to play soccer, rugby and running. His favorite music includes rap and hip hop and he also loves to eat fried chicken. One fact that I found interesting was that his favorite color was silver. It’s weird to find a person who likes a color like that. Basically, people like colors such as: blue, red, green, black, etc. His passion for being a good student and be winner got him to create new methods for success ”Since I started the method i never had less than 85 in my quizzes and tests”.Finally, he wants to become a Doctor because he wants to help people. He could learn lots of new stuff and also he can get a job easily after he graduates.


3 thoughts on “Aaron’s New Start”

  1. It was a great idea to use Aaron’s story to complement your thoughts… “Since I started the method…” Good idea… and the grammar is… super! 😀

  2. Oh wow!….. very well written. I think you should write my papers when you have a chance!

    Great job on touching up the font! You made it very dramatic!

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