Danny and his life.

Three years ago, before Danny came to the United states, he lived in El Salvador. He remenbers when his freinds were laughing when he told them he was moving to the United States. His parent lived in the U.S before he came, with his two brothers. He told me that he was sad when his aunt told him that he was going to move to the U.S. ” It was hot but not humid in El Salvador, like here in the U.S it is too hot” said Danny ” and it feels weird when you get out on the street and there is nobody to play with here in the U.S.” Unlike here, in his country Danny just had to get out on the street and there would be a lot of friends to play with.

When he came to the U.S he went to Reid Middle School, which he found boring. Now he is in high school in the tenth grade. He wants to become an engineer that is his american dream.


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