Day 4 Assignment

Today we are going to do a different kind of writing. We are going to be writing about each other. Think about how that might be different from writing about yourself.

  • When we write a story about someone else and the story paints a picture of that person, we call it a profile. In a profile a writer chooses some interesting details about the person they are profiling, and they create a story from those details.
  • Yesterday you interviewed your partner and learned some interesting things about that person. You will need to carefully review your notes from that interview in order to write your profile.
  • In a few minutes, we will view an example of a profile about a student named Rhazi Mohamed Kone. We will look at the profile together.
  • When we are finished, go back to your notes that you took during your interview, review them, and write a story about your partner as a blog post. Your profile will need a creative title. Remember to include the details that make your partner’s story interesting and special. If you start writing and find that you need more details, go back to your partner and ask another question using the who, what, where, when, why, and how words. Take notes in your journal notebook as you listen to the answer, so you will remember everything that is important.

Click here to view the profile of Rhazi


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