My friend’s story…Jenny

      Jenny is from Bogota, Colombia. When she arrived here, she came straight to Lee, Massachusetts. She arrived at her cousin Carlos’ house the the day after her dad Tito found a job as a Manager of a gardening business.

She was just 14 years old when she first came to the U.S.  She felt happy at first but when she first when to school she felt nervous because she didn’t speak the language. Besides, she didn’t know anyone other than her sister Catheryn.  Then she learned English at school in an ESL class.

Now that she has learned more English, she has more friends. Now she is in high school and about to go to 11th  grade, and when she grows up she wants to be an architect, but not just an architect, but a good architect.


4 thoughts on “My friend’s story…Jenny”

  1. When you first put a tab on one paragraph, you must put tabs on the other two as well.

    Other then that great profile. Good on the punctuation!

  2. That was a good resume of Jenny’s story… I hope she doesn’t give up her goal of being an architect. Way to go Ivan!

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