Raghav’s story.

Raghav is 15 years old and he came from India 2 years ago. He lives with his parents and siblings. His parents and he  left their country because they were not making enough money to support themselves. so they decided  to moved to the U.SA. In one hand Raghav felt happy because his parents could find a better job in this new country. In the other hand, he felt sad because he left his family in his native country. Now, his father works hard. He has two jobs one at Dunkin Donuts and the other at McDonald’s. His mother works at McDonald’s in the noon, and Raghav works at McDonald’s too but just weekends because he has to go to school.


One thought on “Raghav’s story.”

  1. I’ve seen two mistakes that needs to be corrected.

    Please take your time in reading after you finish typing, you can catch your mistakes.

    Other then that, great profile one Raghav! Keep up the good work!

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