Smergphy succeeding in the United States

She came with her father from dominican republic to the United states, looking for good education. It felt indifferent to her at first but as she was growing she felt like half of of her was missing. The idea of missing home was very strong that she decided to visite her hometown and see her loves one. “Her parents left all their good for her education she said”, They wanted her to succeed.

As a strong as she is she decided to go and fight for it, she wanted her parent to beleive in her and know that she really appreciated what they had done for her, and that she will make them proud no matter how hard it will take her to get there. Smergphy at 10th grade know what she wants to become a Veteneriam, ” I am an intern in a vetenerian office in lenox, they teach me alot” said smergphy, My dream is to make it trought the end.


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