Pan Francis Rodriguez

Frank Rodriguez came into the MEOP Program as a result of meeting his friend Emily at BCC, and then taking her home afterwards. During the program’s two hour meeting, Frank would become inspired by the overall mission and then join the week long program from August 18 to August 22, 2008.

Coming from a background of diversity, Frank had no trouble adjusting to the program. He originally came from Boston, in the parts of Quincy and has visited Jamaica Plains, where there was diversity of peoples all around. The diversity could also be seen locally in the Berkshires, as Frank for some part of his life was chopping wood at his ranch home in Peru, Massachusetts. His cousins are both Field Managers for Social Service, going out and securing a life of happiness and peace for everyone with whom they work with.

Frank has been to seven states, but is currently living in Pittsfield, Massachusetts for the last ten years. The states of New York, Connecticut, Virginia, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine–which Frank has visited– are all in the north east. What was Frank’s true traveling experience though was when he lived in a multilingual apartment complex. This complex housed peoples from Africa, South America, and Asia– with a common physical ground beneath all of the apartment structures. This experience, out of many, has made Frank accustomed to unique insights– a skill that is so valued in today’s times!


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