How my Parents met

When my dad met my mom, she didn’t want to say that her name was Estervina, because back in the day it meant that if you had that name you wouldn’t get married. She said that her name was Smergphy; my moms sister invented that name by combining the names of my great grandmother, my grandmother, and also my mother. The funny thing is that when my dad called my mother to ask her on a date my great grandmother always picked up the phone. He called about 20 times, and my great grandmother got tired of it so she told him “there is no smergphy here”. Then the last time she stated screaming at my dad, then my mom came in and asked her what was going on. She said this idiot keeps calling the house asking for a smergphy; my mother tells her that, that was her name. My dad wanted to preserve that name so he called his first child who was a daughter which is me, smergphy. It feels good to have that name. I am glad i have that name because nobody else has a name like mine.


One thought on “How my Parents met”

  1. It sounds like a very sweet story by your mom and dad, smurf…I really like it alot and it means that your name came in the the unique way, which is good. Like me, I really don’t like my middle name because it is written as “Hung”, which sounds like “hung” in english word or “home” by someone who always mess up by the sound. But a lot of my Chinese friends have told me that my whole Chinese name sounds so special because there is not a lot of people who will use “red” as their middle name. I still don’t like it even though my dad is the one who makes it up. So I never tell anyone about my middle name because of that. Hehe.

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