Mei Yau’s little story

Ever since Mei Yau was born, his parent didn’t take a good care of him. Instead of being care of him, they left him alone even though he was the only son that they got. Everything was going fine until Mei Yau had turned two years old. One day, Mei Yau’s father had found out that he got a high fever. But instead of taking him to the hospital, Mei Yau’s father had left him alone and refused to do it because it cost too much to see a doctor.  At the end, Mei Yau had poliomyelitis because he was too late to save from the high fever.

So Mei Yau had lost his chance of being a healthy person because he couldn’t walk anymore even though he could walked before. Instead of being able to walk, he had to spend the rest of his time on the wheelchair.  He also had to go through a rough teenager life because he had to get usual of eating little food.  But Mei Yau was a strong person who never knew how to give up, so he moved out of his parent’s house and being independent by moving to Hong Kong after he was married. And he also learnt that money was so important in his life, which made him don’t use any until it was necessary. So when Mei Yau realized that he could provided his five girls better lives, he caught the chance and waited for twelve years. Then he had given up what he had in Hong Kong and immigrated to United States until June of 2000. At the end, I am so proud of what my dad has done because he never gives up on himself and have succeed into what he has to do. Of course, I won’t care about whether he is disability or not because he is still my favorite dad. Nothing can change this fact.


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