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my dad’s story by Esperance.

My dad trust everybody so much that it cost him to lose money and a friend. This supposed friend of him stole is money and his land that he just bought by selling to someone and received a lot of money back. When my dad found what his friend was doing, he went to his friend’s house in front of his family and beat him with a belt like a child for stealing money . Then after the police arrested the friend. In Africa the person from where you steal can beat you, it is not illegal.

My sister’s story

Anny Lopez a seven year old girl, has a long live ahead of her. Already have some future boyfriends and a pretty face. She is daddy’s little girl, she is the love of every member of the hole family. This little girl can get whatever she want and can get away of trouble more easy than her two brothers. Anny is also known as the favorite of her brothers, she bring happiness to her family, she may be a little aggressive as her big brother Alex, but she is the more sweet and beautiful girl in the whole family and probably when she grows up, this little girl is going to be the most wanted girl and the most smartest and all will be thanks to her brother Alex, that will take care of her, help her with school and training hard everyday.

How lucky My father was

One of my father’s favorite game was playing the lottery. Anytime he comes home, he would always have a lottery ticket that he scratches or the lottery news in which he has to find the right number to win. One day he had to find all the numbers but was missing one and Esperance told him to put eleven, but he didn’t. When the result came from the lottery, it came out to be that he was missing that eleven. He wasn’t lucky to win the lottery and get money, but he was lucky to win the lottery to get a visa to come and live in America with his family.

Cristian’s Family’s Story

My Uncle name William owns a Tire place, he works by himself, he fix flat tires and one day when I lived in Colombia I decided to help him to put air in the tires and I spend the money buying candy and getting haircut.

My Mom told me that my Grandfather use to sell emeralds and that he gain a lot of money,He also married another lady, after my Grandmother die.He also owns a Taxi that sometimes he drives it at 5:00am.

Jose H. Verastegui my Dad in Colombia use to body paint/repair cars and he use to take me with him I was 8 years old and my Dad’s boss use to like me, One day I broom the office and the I was tired and I went to sleep and she put money in the pocket of my jacket.

Proud to be my mother’s daughter

Every time a think about my mom, a picture of a strong, powerful, determined, and of course gorgeous woman comes to my mind. my mom is a very special woman in my life. My mother’s life has always been about struggling to survive any hardships. Ever since my mom was a child, she was prepared for a hard life, long working hours, and responsibilities to help her family, earn enough money to feed her children, pay the bills, provide all the necessary things for us.

When my mom was only 21, my oldest brother was born. soon my older sister followed him. that kept my mom very busy, all right. But my mom did not stop there, my second sister was born, and finally, I made my grand entrance into this world. You can only guess

My dad got in  a accident and hurt his foot. He used to work for a  company where he had a truck that he used to deliver  stuff to the shops. One day he was waiting for the thing to be put in his truck.  There was a BIGGER TRUCK cleaning a sewer it was on a ramp suddenely  ot got of the ramp and start to move  and it killed some cows and  destroyed threewheelers  it was really bad so it comes near to my dads truck and start to move it and he was holding on to the door he didnt realize that it was comming the only thing he hurted was his foot it was really bad looking and i mean bad now whenever the weather changes his foot hurts this is the only story i have in my family.